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The LogixPro PLC Simulator is a product of The Learning Pit and can be purchased from the The Learning Pit web site. The keyed edition is the best buy and is fully functional. Take time to browse The Learning Pit. There is a ton of educational resources avialable.

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LogixPro Labs and Projects

Introduction to LogixPro Lab
The introduction to LogixPro Lab is a self-paced lab that will teach the basics of using the LogixPro Simulator software. The lab document also includes a list of "Quarky" behaviors of some of the program features. These "Quarks" do not affect the operation of the software, they are just differences from the way the real Rockwell RSLogix 500 software functions.
Project Lab 01 - Techno-Modern Clock
A Techno-Modern clock uses a unique way to display the time. Instead of a clock-face and/or digital a display, the seconds, minutes and hours are displayed in binary on a set of LEDs. The client has hired you to design the program to make this clock function. The project description is located in the PDF file attached.
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