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Welcome to PLC/PAC Tutorial Place

If you have the desire to learn programmable logic controllers and/or programmable automation controllers or if you need a refresher or some tutoring, you've come to the right place.

Use the buttons along the left to navigate to the section you need assistance with or do them in order.

Following is a description of what you'll find in in each area:

Instruction for using the site
Provides a history of when, why and how PLC's came into existance. This is a good area to start because it will describe how the industry progressed to the current technology.
I/O Wiring
Many technicians have a problem understanding the DC Sink/Source wiring of PLC I/O. This is partly because the terms are described in terms of conventional current flow. This section will describe, with diagrams, the sink/source wiring in terms of electron flow.
I/O Interaction
Another topic that many technicians have a problem understanding is how the field I/O interacts with the PLC program. This section will describe the interaction and use the LogixPro simulator to demonstrate the concept.
Number Systems
An understanding of binary, hexadecimal, octal and BCD numbers is imperative to fully understanding PLC/PAC's. This section will explain the systems and how to easily convert between them.
Memory Structure
With the advent of PAC's it is necessary to understand how the memory of the PLC/PAC is structured. This section describes various memory structures used in PLC/PAC's.
Bit Instruction
Bit instructions are the easiest of all PLC/PAC instructions. Use this section as a reference to these instruction types.
Understand the concepts and operation of the basic timer instructions.
Understand the concepts and operation of the basic counter instructions.
LogixPro Labs
Visit this area to find lab projects that can be completed using the LogixPro simulator sold by The Learning Pit.
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